Top 8 Bridal Shower Themes

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Top 8 Bridal Shower Themes

Top 8 Bridal Shower Themes


 1. Petals and Processo

For the classy bride who loves a good brunch, this theme is for you. Make your own flower bar as an activity paired a party favor and pre-made drinks with edible flowers, this is a guaranteed picture perfect theme.

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2. Something Blue

Even if blue isn't your color, we think you'll look pretty cute with this theme. Plus, you can even get a blue dress and dare we say, re-wear it to another wedding as a guest? We're all about sustainability, you know. Mix and match different tones of blue to create the ultimate look.

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3. Fiesta 

Let this be your excuse for a margarita before 5pm. This theme is for the fun, low-maintenance bride who is a big fan of taco Tuesday. Succulent party favors and make your own taco bar guarantees a good time!

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4. Gatsby

This screams NYE bride 🍾 Your guests are going to need to stay up to watch the ball drop on your special day so why not warm them up with a Gatsby themed bridal shower in the evening? This theme is a blast and you can go so many different ways with the decor and party props that you can easily reuse for your wedding decor.

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5. Scooped Up

Every one loves ice cream. Even people who don’t eat sweets love ice cream and we will fight to the grave on that. This is a causal theme that is perfect for a summer day and a mid-afternoon bridal shower. The food is self explanatory - ice cream. To prevent a sugar crash, pair the sweets with ice cream inspired food and decorated drinks. Party favors can be put in cones which is very budget friendly while sticking to the theme.

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Ice Cream Social Bridal Shower

Ice Cream Social Bridal Shower

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6. Lemons

You heard it here first: lemons are the diamond of the season. They're cute, aesthetic and give the perfect excuse to have limoncello. This is a popular theme, especially among summer brides, and we are all for it. You can lean on fun sayings like "She Found Her Main Squeeze" and finding decor will be a piece of cake because of the popularity of this theme. Tons of artists on Etsy have lemon-themed invites and signage that you can use for this theme.

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7. Julia Child

The ultimate brunch for the foodie bride. This is for the host who loves to cook and the bride who inspires to be one. Ask on the invite to for guests to bring their favorite recipe that the bride can add to a cook book. Party favors can include kitchen accessories like a hand towel and cooking utensil. This is a creative way to get lots of kitchen gifts on your registry while still including a personal tone with the recipe cards. 

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8. No Games

Dare we say this is for the anti-hero...I mean bride? Sorry if Taylor Swift is now stuck in your head. Don't get us wrong, we love games, we really do, but this theme if for our 27 dress friends who have unscrambled the word bride one too many times. Spend the time with DIY cocktail bars, opening gifts, and offering fun activities for your guests like a photobooth!

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