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8 Mix and Match Bridesmaids Dress Ideas!


8 Mix and Match Bridesmaids Dress Ideas!


Mix and match bridesmaids are a popular trend this wedding season, and for good reason! Allowing each bridesmaid to choose a dress that fits their personal style and body type creates a unique and diverse look for your big day.

We've gathered 8 of our absolute favorite inspiration photos to help you get started with your mix and match bridesmaids look. From different shades of the same color to completely different styles, these photos are sure to provide some inspiration for your own wedding. 


Mix and Match Your Bridesmaids' Look with Fun and Fabulous Floral Patterns


custom ruffled bridesmaid dresses

Image Credit Heather Waraksa


Mix and Match Dreamy Alice and Wonderland Themed Dresses


Bride and her bridesmaids in Alice and Wonderland Aesthetic bridesmaid dresses

Image Credit Danijela Gorley



Unleash the Magic: Mix and Match Jewel Toned Dresses


 Bride with Bridesmaid in Jewel Toned bridesmaid dresses

Image Credit Ruby Olivia



Mix, Match, and Make a Splash with these Pastel Themed Dresses

bride and bridal party in pastel bridesmaid dresses

Image Credit Alicia Rikna



Mix and Match in Style! Same Designer, Different Dresses

Brides with bridesmaids in different colored bridesmaid dresses

Image Credit La Dichosa



Chase the Sunset with These Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses in Dreamy Sunset Hues

Bridesmaids in different colored sunset themed dresses

Image Credit Derek Smolka



Let Your Bridesmaids Shine! Mix and Match Beautiful Pink and Orange Tones  

Bride with Bridesmaid in a bright pink and orange color palette

Image Credit Zai Laffitte



Mix and Match Your Way to the Roaring Twenties

Image Credit Christina Bernales


We hope these 8 inspiration photos have given you some ideas for your own mix and match bridesmaids look. Whether you choose similar colors or styles, or go for a completely eclectic mix, this trend is all about celebrating each bridesmaid's individuality. 

So have fun with it, and make it a memorable part of your wedding day! And if you have any questions or need help bringing your mix and match bridesmaids vision to life, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'd love to help make your wedding day as special and unique as you are.

By Kayla Rasmussen

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